Braided copper connectors by LUKA

The LUKA LHBC - LUKA high current copper (Cu) strips offer highest flexibility with highest quality standards!
In the standard version these current straps are pressed from flat copper wires. On request, they can also be manufactured from round stranded wire or other (conductor) materials.


The LUKA high current band combines the current carrying capacity of our press welded lamella connectors DBCU and the flexibility of the earthing tapes MBL.

Our standard tapes are made of braids with a single wire thickness of 0,1 mm, the connection surfaces are produced from copper tubes pressed.

In the standard version the bands are undrilled, all hole patterns are possible!


Connectors made with high current copper strips

Hochstromband LUKA Kupferlitzenbänder LHBC
Flexible Kupfergeflechtbänder, Dehnungsbänder aus Kupferflachlitze
LUKA-Katalog 2018 SAZ LHBC ENG.pdf
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