Detergent for electronic applications by LUKA

 The LK001 KAB is a very high-quality and pure solvent for all electronics and electrotechnical applications. The product is moderately fast evaporating, non-conductive or corrosive to the materials used. It effortlessly removes dirt, dust, grease and other common contaminants from cable sleeves, cable fittings and fibre optic cables.

The LUKA cable cleaner acts quickly and does not damage moving parts or electrical connections.

The LUKA cleaner LK001 KAB guarantees a very good effectiveness and a careful handling of health and environment.

The cleaner LK001 KAB is completely free of chlorinated hydrocarbons and is flame-retardant. The filling containers are all made of environmentally friendly polyethylene. LUKA does not use propellants without exception. This means that there is no additional burden on the environment. The LUKA cleaner also offers advantages in terms of economy: There are no disposal costs for the filling containers, as the containers can be filled again and again.

Non-conductive or corrosive to materials

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LUKA-Katalog 2018 SAZ Reinigungsmittel
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