Philosophy and quality standards of LUKA

Certified quality with passion for our work

As a specialist company with high, certified quality standards and a passion for what we do, we see ourselves as problem solvers who are always one step ahead and take care of your needs in an especially proactive way.


Our promise to all:

We work for the best customers, know requirements and needs and provide the optimal and most innovative solutions. It goes without saying that, for this, we need the best and most dedicated employees. So our promise of Your safety is our profession! is not exclusively directed to our customers, but equally to our employees and partners, to whom we offer secure jobs, future prospects and a partnership of equals.

With creative freedom in their daily work, a constant increase of knowledge and the observation of ethical values as part of our corporate culture, we give our employees the know-how and internal safety they need for their daily work


Our values ​​drive us:

We are an owner-managed, down-to-earth company that takes ethical values seriously:


  • Loyalty: We are loyal, discreet and always treat our customers, suppliers and employees as equals, appreciatively, humane and fair.

  • Trust: We wish to acquire and maintain the trust of our customers, partners and employees so we are always obliging, genuine and reliable; our statements are credible.

  • Consistency: We are consistent and always at the disposal of our partners and customers whenever they need us and are not forgotten.

  • Motivation: We want to be a leader in quality and a strong partner for safe electrical solutions in power supply networks. To the extent that our customers recommend us to others. This is the motivation for our high level of performance. The basis for this is experience, passion for technology and a professional attitude.